Ethos Galaxy Woodfire


A fireplace with ultra clean lines and cubic design. Over 100 colour options. Slightly more radiant in operation and well suited to homes with higher ceilings. Removable top grill gives full wood stove capability. Learn more at your 4 Seasons wood fire shop today.

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Product Description

Estimated Peak Output: 18kW
Average Efficiency: 72%
Average Emissions: 0.56 grams per kilogram E
missions per Output : 39 milligrams per megjoule

Flue Diameter: 130mm
Fire Height: 740mm
Fire Width: 540mm
Fire Depth: 485mm

NZ MFE/ECAN approval number: 192390
Tested and compliant to the following standards:
AS/NZS 4012:1999 Power output and heating efficiency
AS/NZS 4013:1999 Flue gas emissions
AS/NZS 2918:2001 Safety