Galaxy Jupiter 6 PERSON SPA POOL

$9,499.00 $7,995.00

The Galaxy Jupiter is the essence of affordable luxury with 43 jets, room for 6 and top of the line spa pool features.

1 Lounger
5 Seats

27 Water Jets
16 Air Injectors

2000 x 2000
x 820

UPGRADE to a Jupiter STAR and receive these extra features!

  1. Energy Smart Spanet Controller
  2. Premium Thermolock Insulation
  3. Larger Heater
  4. Larger Blower
  5. Water Fountain
  6. LED Fittings
  7. Fibreglass Base
  8. Horizontal Cabinet Panels
  9. Heat Pump & WiFi Ready

UPGRADE PRICE $11,499$8,995

Control system Spa Tech Spa-Net
Heater 2KW / 220-240VAC 3KW / 220-240VAC
Jet pump 1 x 3.0HP 1 x 3.0HP
Circulation pump 0.35HP 0.35HP
Air blower 400W 700W
Filtration system Twin cylinders front access filters Twin cylinders front access filters
Power 15amp 15amp
Freshwater ozone and mixing chamber
LED waterfall
LED underwater light
LED Perimeter lights
LED fittings
Stainless steel jets
Synthetic cabinet Vertical panels Wide horizontal panels
Thermo lock insulation ✓PREMIUM
Base ABS base Fibreglass base
Thermal cover
Heat pump connection
Empty weight 300kgs 300kgs
Litres 1080 1080