ikamand BBQ Controller – Classic Joe


**Limited stock – enquire with your local 4 Seasons bbq shop to order**

The iKamand of Kamado Joe is a revolutionary barbecue controller that is more than twice as powerful as the standard controllers. It is not only a temperature controller but can also be used to quickly get the BBQ to temperature when lighting. The controller can measure the temperature in your BBQ and also that of your meat. With this cooking information being sent to your iKamand smartphone app, you'll have all the information you need to cook to perfection.

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Product Description

iKamand smartphone app features:
Display of BBQ temperature and meat temperature
WiFi connection
Notifications to keep you informed during your Low & Slow BBQ sessions
Daily BBQ recipe
Connection with Kamado Joe social media channels
Indication of time needed to cook different cuts and types of meat
Cooking times continuously kept up to date on the basis of data collected worldwide via iKamand users
Share your cooking creations easily via social media
Software updates via the iKamand smartphone app