A wood burner that is a little bit different. If you want to make a real feature of your fire and build it into a regulation benchtop, look no further than the Kent Forbes.

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Product Description

Can be fitted to any regulation bench, making it
easy to customise your home
Clean air approved mid-size radiant wood fire
Heat is emitted directly and warms all objects in its
path before heating the air
Ideal for draughty homes or higher ceilings
Traditional matte black design, 6mm steel
Vermiculite brick lined firebox
Multi-burn firebox helps glass remain clear
Steel plate top for cooking use
Estimated maximum heat output: 18kW
Heats area up to 210m² (typically up to four
standard rooms)
Average emission rate: 0.98g/kg
Overall average efficiency: 66%
ECAN Authorisation No. 181319
Rural airslide available (KWF299-7128)