Pyroclassic IV Clean Air Wood Fire

From $3,699.00

A Pyroclassic IV fire produces up to 15kW of heat, can provide 3.7kW of water heating with the wetback option and with its 10mm thick steel top plate, is ideal for cooking. Best of all, you can achieve this from a minimal amount of wood fuel. The Pyroclassic is capable of a genuine overnight burn, even in the strictest clean air zones. It produces very little ash and almost no emissions. This incredibly efficient heater owes its performance to its unique circular ceramic fire chamber.

*The Pyroclassic IV is available in black or grey and then choose panels in any Dulux powder coat colour. Wetback cost additional. Accessories include log rack, wood bins, wall screens and cook top oven with trivet and oven mitt (cost additional).

Clean Air Approved
Heat Area up to 250m2
Output up to 15kW
10mm Cooktop
3.7kW wetback option (cost additional)
Flue Kit, Wood Bin, Wall Screens all additional cost
15 Year Warranty