Pyroclassic Mini Clean Air Wood Fire

From $2,899.00

The Pyroclassic Mini brings you the same highly efficient, low emission wood burner but in a smaller package. The Mini can provide 1.5kW of water heating with the water booster option. Customize your new Pyro Mini, choosing from classic black or grey or add coloured side panels ($100 additional cost*) to match your decor or make a statement.

Package Deal $3499

Choose a fire in any powder coat colour, either a large or small woodbin, wall screen or flue shield and essentials kit.

Clean Air Approved
Heat Area up to 120m2
Output up to 10kW
10mm Cooktop
1.5kW water booster option (cost additional)
Flue Kit, Wood Bin, Wall Screens all additional cost
15 Year Warranty