Weber 37cm Smokey Mountain Cooker


A porcelain enamelled water pan generates steam to keep cooking temperature low and even with the result that foods are tender, succulent and moist. Smouldering smoke combines with the steam, filtering up through the double racks, encircling hams, fish, poultry or sausage to produce beautiful flavours. The Smokey Mountain Cooker is also perfect for homemade bacon. A premium quality vinyl cover is included. Visit your 4 Seasons bbq shop today. Not Available in New Plymouth.

Product Description
Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid
No-rust aluminium vent
2 chrome-plated steel cooking grills
Rust resistant front loading door
Glass reinforced nylon handle
Porcelain enamelled water pan
Height – 80cm
2 x 37 cm diameter cooking areas
Fixed commercial grade thermometer
Premium grade cover
Weber 10 year limited warranty
Optional Exact Fit Smokey Mpountain Cooker Accessories
Rapidfire™ Chimney Stater 7419
Firespice™ Cedar planks 17302